Spice up your BBQ Chicken … and your Dining Room

Spice up your BBQ Chicken … and your Dining Room

May has just ended, but while May was BBQ month, the barbecue season is only just beginning! If you’re anything like BBQ Brian, you’re looking forward to spending almost every evening barbecuing. But the backyard can get a bit boring, so why not take your classic BBQ-chicken recipe on an adventure to spice things up a bit!

We live in one of the most gorgeous, breath-taking countries in the world, let’s take advantage of that fact and head out to the campgrounds and parks closest to us. Don’t worry – you’ll still be able to grill! Chicken is one of the most versatile meats and makes a great addition to any camping trip.

How To Grill Chicken Over the Campfire

To get the perfect chicken that is both juicy and spicy (and will have the rest of the campground drooling), you’ll need House of Q’s Sugar & Spice BBQ Sauce, 4-6 (or more) chicken breasts, and a fire pit with a grate (most campgrounds and day use areas will have a half-grate on the back half of the fire pit).

Light your campfire well before you want to eat so that it burns down – you want an adequate number of coals and flames that aren’t too high. Place your chicken on the grate and cook for approximately 7-10 minutes before flipping. Slather your chicken with the Sugar & Spice BBQ Sauce and cook for an additional 7-10 minutes.

For your sides, try a tin foil veggie packet. For best results, use chopped carrots, diced potatoes, and sliced onions and mushrooms. Add a little butter and sprinkle on some seasoning salt, dill, crushed red pepper and garlic powder, and salt and pepper. Wrap up the tin foil and place the packets on the grate. You’ll want to put them on a few minutes before the chicken.

To help you spice up your location, BBQ Brian has compiled a list of the best campgrounds across BC, which certainly wasn’t an easy task; there are just so many great places! While it might be too late to make a May long weekend vacation to some of these places, be sure to get out to at least one or two over the summer!

Here is a list of some of the best campgrounds BC has to offer:

  1. Green Point Campground
  2. Alice Lake Provincial Park
  3. Crooked River
  4. Lillooet Lake
  5. Wells Gray Provincial Park
  6. Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park
  7. Whiteswan Provincial Park
  8. Mabel Lake Provincial Park
  9. Porpoise Bay Provincial Park
  10. Peace Island Park

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    1. wpadmin2

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