Smiles Taste Better: Why Do You Do It

Smiles Taste Better: Why Do You Do It

Smile taste better.

Every once in a while I get asked why I do, what I do. Maybe you too have had that asked of you. It’s an quick reaction sometimes to respond with a simple “because it’s what I do…” thinking nothing of the question or the reason why.

I’ve been thinking about this exact question lately and came across two examples of my answer that I wanted to share with you. 

“I found your tips really helpful and easy to understand.”

Paul email edit
First, was an email that I received from House of Q fan Paul. He wrote asking for a clarification about using your gas grill as a smoker and how you do that. I wrote back and described the setup with a mention of where you can see pictures on the House of Q website. A few days after our exchange I received an email back from Paul with a little more information and a comment about what he has learned.

Paul says “…I was one of those guys who would throw meat on the grill and hope for the best. Then about 6 months ago, my wife obtained your book, and it’s the first time I had read anything on this topic. I found your tips really helpful and easy to understand. My favourite is adding ordinary mustard to pork!”

I love the mustard trick with pork and if you are reluctant to understand why it changes the flavor, try it! Paul did! And he liked it! I am glad that the tips really helped for the smoker, cooking pork and well, I am sure there are many more little tidbits in my cookbook that might add to Paul’s grill-skill. Thank you for your kind comments!

Then, a couple of days later I met Ken at a trade show. I was walking up an aisle when it was rather busy and he recognized me and stopped me amongst the crowd. He said he attended one of my cooking classes, followed my cooking tips and he is now the “champ of his neighborhood” since his cooking is much better. Ken’s wife was there and she smiled, knodded and acknowledged that he has improved pointing out that he bought a thermometer like I indicated in the class and his grilled chicken is now perfect! Here’s a video of what Ken said:

“My BBQing Skills Have Gone Absolutely Through the Roof!”

So back to the big question… so why do you do what you do BBQ Brian? It’s a little more than the humble answer of “because it’s what I do”. I love making people better cooks. I love that they feel inspired and more confident while they cook. And best yet, judging by the smiles of their wives, I think there are side benefits of it too. That simple smile tells me so. Just seeing that tells me yes Brian, that is why you do what you do.

Thank you to the House of Q fans and to those that have taken a lesson, learned a tip or two, bought my book to learn more, to feel confident and inspired in the kitchen and well, to create smiles. Somehow those smiles from wives, family or friends and the joy that can be shared by having just a little more skill, all seem to trump whatever you cooked. Smiles taste better.

BBQ Brian

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