Western Grocer Magazine Features House of Q

Western Grocer Magazine Features House of Q

westerngrocerWestern Grocer Magazine Features House of Q

In the March/April issue of the Western Grocer magazine, House of Q Foods was featured in an article titled Grill Mania.

The focus of the article was to identify Canadian products and retailers who are aligning to the Canadian grill and BBQ market.

BBQ Brian Misko says in the article:

“Canadians are looking to expand their horizons and try something different, whether it is new cooking techniques, flavours, or  barbecue accessories.”

HOQ-all-products-1800x900-TVCheryl Radisa of McCormick Foods further states that “Canadians are no longer using one method of flavouring when grilling”.

This aligns with House of Q philosophy.  The company has a wide range of spices and sauces they’ve crafted for retailers across Canada and the USA.  The consumer needs to and is considering each product as a layer of flavour for what they are cooking.  The dish ultimately then is a series of layers accumulating to the “master-piece”.  Consumers have many choices available to them and many are becoming more educated on how to use them!

James Ferraro of Ferraro Foods in Trail, BC adds to the article that “… customers are looking for food that is not processed, made in store and is local as possible”.  This is the spirit that retailers must take to attract and retain the modern-consumer.

The entire article can be seen by downloading a copy from the Western Grocer website.

For more information on how you can add House of Q to your retail store or have it as part of your food service offerings, please contact:

BBQ Brian Misko
President, Owner
House of Q Foods
E: [email protected]
P: 778-867-4671

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