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Amazing Flavor for Real Grillers!

It’s been happening for thousands of years actually… that is sprinkling a layer of spice onto meat. However, doing it really well is something else!

House of Q Spices – Award Winning and Gluten Free

There are two lines of spices at House of Q: BBQ spices (rubs) and the Premium Seasonings line. The House Rub started off as a base BBQ rub for the competition team at House of Q and it has allowed the team to win many, many awards. It is a great addition of flavor to any grilled or smoked meat.

The Premium Seasoning line is also driven by testing flavour with judges at BBQ competitions and trusting our capability to master flavor. A few years back we met up with a very bright cook, Herb McBride, who is based in Arizona. He makes a seasoning for his friends, family and of course himself as he cooks up steaks, carne asada, roasts and brisket on his smokers. Herb called this “Herb’s Beef Seasoning” under the brand G’Pa Herb. It was so good that we asked Herb if we could use the recipe and create Peppered Bovine. To our enjoyment, he obliged. This is the spirit of House of Q’s Premium Seasoning line… that is, awesome flavor with premium grade spices.

Large Sizes and Kits

But there is more than just a jar…  all of our products are available in large or foodservice sizes.  Plus, you can save a few dollars when you get spices in a kit of other sauces or products.