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The World’s First Smart Dry Aging Fridge

The World’s First In-Home Smart Dry Aging Fridge!

STEAK LOCKER has combined the best of Old World dry-aging techniques with sophisticated modern technology. This traditional-technological composite allows the consumer to control the process and easily save at least 50%-75% on current retail dry-age steak prices.

Steak Locker’s interior chamber is lined with food grade embossed aluminum and cleverly uses germicidal lights to completely safeguard your dry-age product from contamination.

Your very first in-home dry aging Steak Locker. It fits into any regular sized cabinet space (24x24x32) built in or free standing. It requires 110 power and has a 60 lbs product capacity. Steak Locker features its own smart app for your IOS or Android phone that drives the patented modular hygrometer to ensure your humidity and temperature will always be in range.

This is a brand new perspective on your home BBQ/GRILLING/CHARCUTERIE as it puts the best dry-aging meat method completely under your control. Now the joy of grilling your own dry-aged steaks and meats is a reality with this unique home use dry aging STEAK LOCKER.

-Precise temperature and humidity control
-Equipped with UVC bacterial light which kills any bacteria present in the unit
-65 lbs. dry aging product capacity / 5.23 cubic feet usable volume
-Active carbon odor filter
-Smart app sensor control
-Fan forced air flow
-Standard 34″ cabinet size – about the size of a small wine cooler
-Designed to match your other appliances

1 Year Full Warranty with optional lifetime warranty

Additional information

Weight125 kg
Dimensions90 × 90 × 200 cm


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