Please Contact Us before placing an order to determine AVAILABILITY for Yoder Smokers,
Gateway Drum Smokers and Steak Lockers.

  • Yoder Smokers

    Yoder Smokers (24)

    The World's Most Versatile Smoker and Grill! Yoder Smokers are now available from House of Q! Ever since House of Q chose Yoder Smokers as their primary competition cooker at BBQ events, the awards have increased to top of the category! Since 2014 the team has won numerous Grand Championships and awards at the Jack Daniels World Invitational BBQ Competition (Top…
  • Coolers

    Coolers (10)

    Lerpin Coolers keep it all really, really cold! There are plenty of companies offering coolers from inexpensive plastic models to the newer, roto-moulded, solid body, thick insulated, outlast-an-apocalypse kind of coolers... House of Q has chosen to sell Lerpin Coolers - a name most people have never heard about.  Here's what makes them different: Super duper thick insulation - more…