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Lerpin Coolers keep it all really, really cold!

There are plenty of companies offering coolers from inexpensive plastic models to the newer, roto-moulded, solid body, thick insulated, outlast-an-apocalypse kind of coolers…

House of Q has chosen to sell Lerpin Coolers – a name most people have never heard about.  Here’s what makes them different:

  • Super duper thick insulation – more than thin plastic coolers and even more than most solid body brands

  • Variety of sizes from 15L to 120L – where the size IS the actual size (some brands are smaller than stated)

  • Durable, rigid and can stand up to any tough environment from boating, camping, to BBQ cookoffs and anything in between

  • They keep things really cold for a long time – when a traditional plastic cooler has become warm, an insulated cooler can still have ice – often 5 days or more!

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