Our Story – Everyone has a Tale to Tell… Here’s Ours.

Scroll through the timeline or the story of House of Q.  It all stated back in 2005 and events are listed as they happened over the years.  We left out a few of the stories because we thought this is just a timeline, not a biography!

House of Q History

May 6

CFOX Grills Campaign Starts with the Jeff O’Neil Show

The Jeff O’Neil Show on CFOX radio in Vancouver, BC hosted the first-ever drive through BBQ with BBQ Brian and House of Q feeding the breakfast show fans.  As commuters made their way to work, the crew has fed thousands of people their portion of world-class BBQ.  The campaign started..Read More
May 4

Rock’n Red BBQ Sauce Launched

HouseOfQ Rock'n Red 0117WebSmall
Feeling a gap in flavor profiles, BBQ Brian crafts a tangy, tomato BBQ sauce and launches it into stores in conjunction with CFOX “Grills Gone Wild” campaign on the Jeff O’Neil Show.  The new sauce is called Rock’n Red BBQ Sauce.
September 9

Three More BBQ Grand Championships!

Three times in 2012 House of Q was awarded BBQ Contest Grand Championships.  The first was at the Big Red Barn Burner (Chilliwack, BC), followed by the BC Festival of Chili and BBQ (Langley, BC) and then the BBQ on the Bypass (Langley, BC).
October 6

Slow Smoke Gold Awarded 2nd Place in Kansas City

Although there are a number of categories for BBQ sauces, one of the competitive ones is the mustard category.   Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce is awarded 2nd place amongst 400 sauces at the American Royal World Series of BBQ in Kansas City, MO.
September 1

Finally, Grand Champion at BBQ on the Bow!

It took a few years to finally accomplish the task, but House of Q was awarded Grand Champion at the 2013 BBQ on the Bow in Calgary, AB.
October 5

Not Once, But Twice 2nd Place for Slow Smoke Gold

Being graced with a second place award for Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce amongst many entries in the most competitive BBQ sauce competition around is one accomplishment BUT DOING IT TWICE!  Yes, Slow Smoke Gold awarded number 2 again in Kansas City at the American Royal World Series of BBQ!

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