House of Q Re-brands Image

House of Q Re-brands Image

After eight years of growth and building their home-based business, House of Q Foods Ltd has given themselves a make-over and re-branded their company.

The project started late in the summer of 2014 with ideas being generated, meetings with consultants, chatting with suppliers and marketing aficionado’s. The focal point started with a revised, updated look for their logo.

The old and well recognized logo:House of Q logo

Has been updated and refreshed to represent our new look: HoQ HORIZONTAL SPICE


As we crafted the new image, we also added a vertical logo to allow us some flexibility depending on where we want to brand House of Q.  In some instances you will see our “vertical Logo” or even our competition BBQ team logo:


In the spring of 2015, customers will see a new and updated packaging for our BBQ sauces and spices as well.  The new logo shown above was used to create new labels and images for our products.

“We hope our customers recognize the new image and at the same time new customers find our brand appealing and see the quality our sauces and spices represent” says BBQ Brian Misko, owner of House of Q.

For more information, contact House of Q at [email protected]

“House of Q” is a registered trademark in Canada and the United States.