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Canadian Anthem at The Jack Daniels BBQ Competition Parade 2014

The way that residents of Lynchburg, Tennessee celebrate the massive onslaught of visitors to the Jack Daniel’s World Invitational BBQ Championship is by parading through the picturesque town.

Each of the teams parade from the “hollow” where they are set up, through the village greeting people left and right towards the Jack Daniel’s Visitor Center.

Event though a majority of the people there are from the USA our all Canadian team was rewarded with an amazing moment while we paraded along.  The video finishes the story but “… I have to admit” says BBQ Brian Misko, Pitmaster of House of Q, “I was struggling to not cry as this happened.” “It was an amazing experience!”

What an rewarding time and event.

(Video recorded by Ron Grey, House of Q team member)

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