Berezan Shrimp and Grilled Avocado on Toast as Seen on Global TV BC

Berezan Shrimp and Grilled Avocado on Toast as Seen on Global TV BC

The story starts with a tour to a building that looks like a warehouse that is in a rural area in east Langley or west Aldergrove of the Fraser Valley.  The building houses a massive aquaculture shrimp farm operated by the Berezan Shrimp CompanyFarmed in the Fraser Valley

Berezan Shrimp
Berezan Shrimp on Plate

The first noticeable item is that as you drive to the farm you pass cows, chicken farms, berry farms, hay fields and then suddenly realize….  you are no where near a place where shrimp should grow! Aren’t shrimp from the ocean?

Inside the warehouse are many, many tanks that the shrimp start in one tank as hatchlings (think smaller than a half of a grain of rice).  As they grow, they are moved from tank to tank and within four months harvested at full size.  Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, in between that time is highly controlled, monitored, watched and recorded…  all so an amazing product can be raised.

Certified, Certified and Certified

The shrimp from Berezan Shrimp Company is organic, certified Oceanwize, sustainable and a full list of many certifications that would make any food producer or consumer proud. This is very notable.   And our tour validated that all of this was true.

But that all said, how did they taste?

Let’s Eat!

BBQ Brian Misko crafted a dish to simply high lite the shrimps natural sweetness and slight saltiness so that the flavour just needed to be brought to eaters attention.  This could easily be done with some salt and pepper then eat to your hearts content however to make things a little more honest, it needed to be placed on a bed of grilled avocado on toast.  The mixture of House of Q Slow Smoke Gold along with Grandma’s Garden and mayonnaise pulled all the elements together into a very tasty bite.

In the Global TV BC Morning News video shown here, Sonia Sunger easily identifies that uniqueness of this local food source as easy to cook, easy to prepare, tasty, organic and did we say local?

For more information about Berezan Shrimp Company and where you can find their products, visit Berezan Shrimp on the web.
The recipe for this dish is posted on the House of Q website at this link.

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