BBQ Brian to be a 2016 Char-Broil Ambassador

BBQ Brian to be a 2016 Char-Broil Ambassador

When I introduce myself on stage or to media that is interviewing me, I call myself a “professional BBQ-er” or depending on the context, Pitmaster. Sometimes there is surprise, sometimes there is disbelief and regardless of the reaction, sometimes I even need to pinch myself not believing that it is true!

Ever since I started with my first grill there was a fascination with the hardware. How does it work? How do you control it? How does it get out of control? What needs cleaning? What wears out? What can change to perform better? How do I get more heat? How do I get less…? All questions I like to look into when I look at BBQ-ing gear.

BBQ Brian to be a 2016 Char-Broil Ambassador

Over the years I have also used many different types of grills, charcoal grills, smokers, and gizmo-gadgets galore. But when Char-Broil Canada contacted me to be an ambassador for this year, I was rather excited. I like this stuff!

But I need to level the field; I’ve never used a Char-Broil grill before. I’ve seen them in stores such as Lowes, Sears, Home Hardware, Walmart, Rona, Canadian Tire here and again and even at Best Buy. But I’ve never USED one. Now was my chance. Mom always told me to “walk a mile in someone’s shoes before making any decisions about them”.

Char-Broil Canada
has sent me a two grills to use through the summer and into the fall of 2016. The first is the Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared Electric Grill which is ideal for the many condo and townhouse dwellers in the lower mainland. The second grill is a Commercial 3-burner TRU-Infrared gas grill with a side burner. I will be blogging about my interactions with this grill line and sharing a few of my recipes.

Here are my top five things that interest me about my new Char-Broil items:

– “TRU-Infrared Grills” – this is new technology that Char-Broil has integrated into many of their full line of devices… the concept is concentrating or intensifying (if that is a word) the heat meanwhile dispersing it evenly across the full grilling surface – this should be fun to play with, don’t ya think?

The Patio Bistro – this is a nice sized electric grill… absolutely perfect for many condo and townhouse dwellers that have smaller spaces to place a grill and even restrictions on devices they can use. This too should be a cool playground.

Char-Broil Infusion Cooker – I love roasting and baking on my grill. This gadget is a roasting “pan” with more variations than a Ninja. I am seriously looking forward to crafting some recipes with this device.

Char-Broil Basting Spoon – being a rather experienced BBQ guy and even further one who crafts award-winning BBQ sauce, this device is both a spoon and a silicon brush. Sounds odd but you know what, I want to use this thing!

Char-Broil Multi-Sensor Wireless Thermometer – If you’ve ever seen me on TV, heard me on the radio or seen me on a trade-show stage, I am always ranting about the use of thermometers as the best advice I could ever tell an aspiring griller. This device is a wireless, digital display thermometer… what more could I say? I can’t wait to put batteries in this thing!


I have quite a few things planned and I hope you will follow along on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or on YouTube to see what you can create on Char-Broil gear.

For more information on Char-Broil Canada, visit their website.

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