Grilled Cocktails? Recipes from Global TV BC

BBQ Brian went to Global TV BC Morning News on July 6th to share a BBQ tip – for the 11th year and it was for…

Grilled Cocktails? Say What?!

Almost every recipe that BBQ Brian has done on TV over the eleven years of providing BBQ, grilling and cooking tips is welcomed with a range of experiences from surprise to ‘oh, so that’s how you do that!’ (more…)


Annoying Grilling Problems Solved –

Annoying Grilling Problems Solved – Blog Post for Home Improvement

In the spring a writer contacted BBQ Brian from and asked about annoying grilling problems and how to solve them.

There are a number of things that are pointed out in the article and are all great tips.  These include making sure you don’t burn yourself to making sure you have enough fuel.  Great tips indeed! (more…)

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