Tangy Oven-Fried Barbecue Chicken – And It’s Gluten Free Too!

By Grilling Jeff, December 2016

Wendy and I love having guests over to the house for an evening right before Christmas.  Of course it helps if there’s food around and I think my guests come because of what I cook… so for our party this year I made delicious oven fried chicken in mustard based barbecue sauce for four families. Wendy and I celebrated with the usual tree, gifts, lights and decorations, and a lot of Holiday cheer.

About Our Party

Our friends look forward to coming to our house for Christmas celebrations, so we’ve become something of an annual tradition.  A year ago we rented a bouncy castle for the kids but that turned out to be a bad idea when it started to rain and then freeze!  Oh well, lesson learned…. $$$$

Christmas DecorationsOur elves, Dryden (eight) and Payton (six) got busy taking out all the Christmas decorations, lights, tree and tree gifts, and the excitement at our house was growing. It was that time of the year again.

I really wanted everyone to go home happy. This year like all other years, all parents brought over their own children’s gifts so the kids could get exactly what they wanted. As always, I asked all parents that the gifts stay under fifty bucks. Some of our friends could have gone overboard with the spending, and we really didn’t want any kid to feel left out on Christmas. So I insisted on the price range and everyone stayed within fifty bucks.

Santa Claus came to give out all the gifts in his red and white suit and fluffy beard, and brought lots of cheer. Rick, Wendy’s brother, is Santa every year – he loves playing the part and always comes a little late to give out the gifts. He’s a great guy who seems to keep warm and boost his cheer with a few Jack Daniels.

But what do you do when Santa comes in with half his white fluffy beard coming unstuck? (Did you get squished on your way down the chimney, Santa?) Rick, oops – Santa, covered up well with a lot of Ho Ho Ho. And some Ha Ha Ha! All the kids had a hearty laugh when the guy from North Pole got jolly.

Tangy Oven-fried Chicken

Breaded Barbecue ChickenGluten free diets are all the rage these days, and this rage has caught up with our friends as well.

“What tastes like fried chicken and is gluten free?” Wendy and I decided on this all-time favourite, gorgeous Southern chicken – crispy on the outside and juicy inside – with a flavourful mustard based barbecue sauce from House of Q. Like all House of Q products, this is my go-to gluten free barbecue sauce when I need a mustard based chicken recipe.


Gluten Free Chicken Technique

Once the chicken is washed and dried, grab that bottle of Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce and simply slather it over the chicken on all sides with a kitchen brush. Put the seasoned gluten free bread crumbs in a bag, and drop the chicken pieces inside. Next, you shake it up and make sure the chicken is well- coated on all sides.

Remove chicken from the bag and place it on a baking sheet.  Drizzle each piece of chicken with olive oil or melted butter – this will make the coating crispy. For an added layer of flavour, add a sprinkle of House Rub Barbecue Seasoning  before the chicken goes into the oven. Here’s the beauty – this gluten free seasoning from House of Q is not only gluten free, but also MSG free and preservative free.

Place the baking sheet in a preheated 375 F oven for 45 minutes or until the meat temperature reaches 165 F, and you have a brown, crunchy coat that makes this Southern beauty presentable on the table. And juicy till the last bite.

Last Word on the Chicken

Wendy and I believe that good food goes beyond the recipe. For my House Christmas party, I doubled all the ingredients and made my chicken in careful batches. Consistency is important when you’re making many batches, and good presentation fuels your guests’ appetites. So bring in some Christmas cheer and get ready to schmooze them with this tried and tested gluten free oven fried chicken.

When I was talking to Rick after he got out of his costume and was eating some chicken, and of course drinking my Jack, he said this would be good on the grill… so maybe I will need to make this in the spring on my grill.  Hmm, that should be good right?

About Grilling Jeff

Our family of Jeff, Wendy, Payton and Dryden is fictitious in nature even though we’ve met people who are really like them. They’ve bought House of Q products at home shows, and never looked back. Jeff’s always been passionate about all things barbecue, and loves to host parties. He buys local and insists on a choice of high quality meat. Wendy and Jeff use House of Q sauces and rubs on pretty much everything – chicken, beef, pork, ribs and grill-able vegetables – to make it sometimes spicy and sometimes sweet. It all depends on the mood. Their kids are very happy with Jeff’s grilling; Jeff will be sharing many recipes with you, so you can come on out and grill like a champion in your own backyard in the barbecue season.



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