Slow Smoke Gold

Breaded Barbecue Chicken

By Grilling Jeff, December 2016 Wendy and I love having guests over to the house for an evening right before Christmas.  Of course it helps if there’s food around and I think my guests come because of what I cook… so for our party this year I made delicious oven fried chicken in mustard based [...]

CDN Food Champs 400x400

House of Q is please to announce that they will sponsor the Canadian Food Championships, a qualifying event for the World Food Championships. Competitive food sport is a rapidly growing activity across the globe and the ultimate event to be declared the ultimate champion is winning the World Food Championships. This event gathers competitive cooks from home [...]

Pushing the Burger Envelope

Cornbread Waffle Burger

Everyone loves burgers. Some like them simple with maybe ketchup and mustard. Some like them with a few more complexities such as onion, lettuce and bacon. And then there are the gourmet types that go to extremes with custom-made aioli, fermented mushroom spread and smoked cheese. Say what? In Grilling with House of Q, my [...]

Bring on 2016: Favorite New Years Recipe #3

Grilled Meatballs

Bring on 2016: Favorite New Years Recipe #3 This is the third of three recipes that I wanted to share to those that might be having a New Years Party. The first was an awesome appetizer of Grilled Oysters a la House of Q.  That was followed by a childhood memory of perogies however my [...]

American Royal Logo

One of the primary tenets of any competitive sport is to be consistent.  House of Q’s BBQ sauces are both tasty, some say addictive, and at the same time consistently winning awards. The company, a home-based business in Surrey, BC, has been awarded for a second year in a row as having one of the [...]

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