21 Dishes to Make With BBQ Pulled Pork


Every BBQ smoker and every crock-pot owner seems to make pulled pork. It is a perfect menu item to challenge a new smoker-owner and every crock-pot owner seems to want to feed a crowd. However there are times when that eight to ten pound pork roast is just a little too much for a family [...]

Heat up your Mouth and Cool Down your Backyard

As the weather heats up, you’ll want to heat up your chicken and cool down the backyard. A great way to increase the fiery heat of your BBQ chicken is by injecting the flavour directly into the meat. To get the most flavour, you’ll want to slather your chicken in a vinegar-based BBQ sauce, BBQ [...]

How to Choose Steak Cuts Video Global TV BC

BBQ Brian and Greg Ewart from House of Q visited Global TV BC Morning News recently and met up with Randene Neill. The topic that they crafted for the TV segment was about steaks…  not just cooking them and not just a recipe but more information…  on what cuts to cook for what doneness. Steak [...]

PB 564x280

House of Q has been accumulating competition BBQ awards across North America for both their cooking and for their BBQ sauce and spice products. The ability of BBQ Brian Misko, head Pitmaster and owner, to interpret judged competitive entries and create commercial products has allowed the company to gain a growing customer base. Adding to [...]

Chicken on Campfire

May has just ended, but while May was BBQ month, the barbecue season is only just beginning! If you’re anything like BBQ Brian, you’re looking forward to spending almost every evening barbecuing. But the backyard can get a bit boring, so why not take your classic BBQ-chicken recipe on an adventure to spice things up [...]

Grilled Pear with Prosciutto and Cheese

Plated Grilled Pear 300x300

One of the categories of food that a griller might explore beyond steaks, burgers and chicken breasts is desserts.  The most common starter recipe is simply grilled pineapple however this Grilled Pear with Prosciutto and Cheese recipe attempts to push the envelope just a bit further. A couple of rules first about grilling fruit. For many [...]

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