BBQ Sauce

Grilling Vegetables – Avoiding Common Mistakes

Grilled Asperagus

Grilling Jeff, February 21, 2017 My Vegetarian Mother-in-Law Last year, my mother-in-law Marilyn was visiting us in our new Fraser Valley home. She lives in Ontario and was flying across the country to visit us and the grandkids.  All the years we’ve been married, she has minced no words telling everyone that her daughter could [...]

Halloween Delight Tarantula Burgers for Meh Days

Spider Burgers Halloween Dinner

Halloween Delight Tarantula Burgers for Meh Days Do you ever have those days when you feel like doing nothing at all – staying in bed feels so right with the bad weather outside and Netflix series marathons are too good to leave for hours on end. I call it the case of the “Mehs”. I [...]

Heat up your Mouth and Cool Down your Backyard

As the weather heats up, you’ll want to heat up your chicken and cool down the backyard. A great way to increase the fiery heat of your BBQ chicken is by injecting the flavour directly into the meat. To get the most flavour, you’ll want to slather your chicken in a vinegar-based BBQ sauce, BBQ [...]

Coop logo

New BBQ Sauce Retailer for House of Q – Federated Coop House of Q is pleased to announce that Federated Cooperatives, based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan has chosen our BBQ sauces for their stores across Western Canada. Coop stores are scattered across the prairies in every nook and cranny and are the backbone of many small Canadian [...]

Oops. Missing Details Can Happen

Slow Smoke Nutritional Panel

As a consumer we expect things. Things, at times, that we almost take for granted and that should always be there when we expect them to be there. Not only be there but also to be accurate. However that doesn’t necessarily happen as it should. We at House of Q are proud of our products. [...]

American Royal Logo

One of the primary tenets of any competitive sport is to be consistent.  House of Q’s BBQ sauces are both tasty, some say addictive, and at the same time consistently winning awards. The company, a home-based business in Surrey, BC, has been awarded for a second year in a row as having one of the [...]

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