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Wholesale Information for Retailers

Retailers: please review and download the House of Q retail support tools below.

House Of Q Can Help Your Business Grow With High Quality Food Products!

All of our products are made with a keen attention to detail and a desire for perfection, which is demonstrated by our continued excellence at BBQ competitions.

Retailers continue to gain interest in our products across Canada and the USA, and we are actively looking for more retail stores.  If you’re a business owner, we’d love to work with you. Get in touch with us and add new customer favourites to your store.

Many House of Q retailers are local butcher and gourmet food stores, but more businesses continue to gain interest and bring our products to their stores. We have a growing number of BBQ hardware stores and RV dealers working with us, and House of Q is popping up pretty much anywhere there is an interest in food products or where impulse products are marketable.

Gain Consumer Trust With A Brand That Will Earn Their Loyalty!

Consumers are always becoming more aware of and concerned with the ingredients that go into their food, and as a result, it’s increasingly important to carry products like gluten-free BBQ sauce. House of Q aims to build trust with consumers through high quality, healthy products. Earn customer loyalty with House of Q’s gluten, MSG and preservative free products.

Below, you will find information pages and training sheets for each product that describe its flavour, uses and ingredients. Use these to find out more about each product or to train staff to be knowledgeable about House of Q’s award-winning product line.

Product Sheets

Find out how each product is made, its ingredients, and common uses. Use these to become familiar with our products and to train retail staff so they too know how to describe our sauces to your customers.

Product Sheets - click here to find out more - NEW!!

 Profile Sheet  Right-click to save these PDFs:
 All Products  All Products Description Sheet – PDF
 Apple Butter BBQ Sauce  ABBS Sell Sheet – PDF
 Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce and Slather   SSG Sell Sheet – PDF
 Sugar & Spice BBQ Sauce  SNS Sell Sheet- PDF
 Rock’n Red BBQ Sauce  RNR Sell Sheet – PDF
 House Rub   HR Sell Sheet – PDF


Shelf Talkers:

Perfect to point out to your customers as they look at displayed products.

TIPS: use the blank shelf talker to point out “staff favorites” or cross-promotions for other sale items

Shelf Talkers - click here to find out more

 Shelf Talker  Right-click to save these PDFs:
 Small Shelf Talkers – for where you display two-jars on a shelf  Shelf Talkers Small – PDF
 Apple Butter and House Rub – PDF
 Rock’n Red and Slow Smoke Gold – PDF
 Sugar & Spice and Blank – PDF
 Large Shelf Talker – for where you display one of each product on a shelf  Shelf Talker Large – PDF



Recipes - click here to find out more

 Brochure  Right-click to save these PDFs:
 Recipe brochure  Recipe Brochure 2 up
 Recipe brochure  Recipe Brochure trifold
 NEW Recipe brochure  Recipe trifold brochure color – March 2014


Point of Purchase Materials:

Point of Purchase Materials - click here to find out more

 “Posters”  Right-click to save these PDFs:
 BBQ Brian receiving award for Slow Smoke Gold in Kansas City (8 1/2 x 11 – color)  SSG Award flyer spring 2013
 House of Q “Products Available Here” Win at BBQ on the Bow Calgary (8 1/2 x 11 – color)  Bow POS Sheet Door
 House of Q Win at BBQ on the Bow Calgary POP (8 1/2 x 11 – color)  Bow Win POS Sheet


Pictures and Logos:

Pictures and Logos - click here to find out more - NEW!!

 Pictures  Right-click to save these JPGs:  Right-click to save these JPGs (white backgrounds):
 House of Q Logo – horizontal  HOQ Logo Horizontal JPG
 House of Q Logo – vertical  HOQ Logo Vertical JPG
 Apple Butter BBQ Sauce Product Picture  Apple Butter JPG  Apple Butter white background JPG
 Slow Smoke Gold Product Picture  Slow Smoke Gold JPG  Slow Smoke Gold white background JPG
 Sugar and Spice Product Picture  Sugar and Spice JPG  Sugar and Spice white background JPG
 Rock’n Red Product Picture  Rock’n Red JPG  Rock’n Red white background JPG
 House Rub Product Picture  House Rub JPG  House Rub white backgroundJPG
 All Five Products Picture  All Five Products JPG


Note:       Our WHOLESALE PRICES and SHIPPING POLICIES are not posted online – please send us an email below and we will send you the details. Alternately, if you already know our products, you can send us an email order – we’d be glad to send you your stock!

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