House of Q BBQ Sauces and Spice Rubs
are crafted to win awards at BBQ competitions
AND in your backyard.

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Awards at Canadian National BBQ Championships Whistler 2014


    Award Winning and Incredible flavour in EVERY jar!


    Just the inspiration you need for your backyard BBQ!

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    The best way to get flavour at the grill!

Learn About Our Delicious Products

House of Q’s award winning products are ready-to-use and make cooking delicious food easy. At House of Q, we want to help cooks create meals with outstanding flavour – and have a blast doing it! Make your next BBQ venture fun and simple with House of Q, and experience the joy as your food brings smiles to people’s faces.  With House of Q sauces and spices, you can grill and eat with confidence that you have great products on hand.

We know it’s about more than having great tasting products – it’s about having products that will bring value to your kitchen. That’s why our BBQ sauce and spice line features a range of delicious flavours for any occasion.

HOQ all products 1800x900Our star Apple Butter BBQ Sauce blows the competition away with its rich BBQ sauce flavour, a flavour that is perfect for glazing grilled chicken, pork ribs, chops or tenderloin. Mixing it up, the fCajun Chickenan favourite Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce is a mustard-based BBQ sauce with a mouth-watering taste that is fabulous on anything wanting mustard. A flavour you’ll never forget, the Sugar & Spice BBQ Sauce has a perfect combination of sweet and spice to offer your taste buds a sensational experience. And for some classic flavours, our Rock’n Red BBQ Sauce is a classic Carolina-style red BBQ sauce with a twist. This is a tomato-and-vinegar-based BBQ sauce that is great with beef, including roasts, briskets burgers or steaks.

We also offer a versatile House Rub! Use it to impress your friends and family with a batch of delicious dry rub chicken wings, or keep it handy as a go-to-seasoning for chicken, ribs, and pork chops or loin before grilling.

We’re proud to say that our sauces are gluten, MSG and preservative free! Look no further for a gluten-free barbecue sauce.

And just to point it out….  We’re Canadian eh?!

And There’s a Bestselling Cookbook Too?

Grilling with House of Q cover Bestseller Globe and Mail bestsellerMake sure to also checkout BBQ Brian Misko’s nationally bestselling cookbook, Grilling with House of Q! In addition to great tasting products, we want to provide you with great ideas and recipes. With more than eighty delicious recipes, you can learn a ton of new cooking ideas and techniques to take your BBQ to the next level.

Order yourself a copy today!”

Available Online AND in Canadian Stores!

Bring the House of Q flavours into your backyard or kitchen and season your food with award-winning taste. Stock up your shelves by ordering from our online store. Or see our growing list of Canadian retailers and grocery stores proudly carrying House of Q products.

Just to remind you, our sauces are gluten, MSG and preservative free! Look no further for gluten-free products.

Did you hear….  We’re Canadian eh?!

Wholesale Information

Retailers: Inquire about putting award-winning House of Q products on your shelves!

Here’s all the details on training materials, sales support documents, how to reach us and more.

Wholesale Information

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