The end of summer is close and for my family it’s time to head north for our last camping trip before the rain season starts. Two days of relaxing, swimming, hiking and of course barbecuing. This year’s highlight is Aunt Kelsey’s famous Grilled Cajun Chicken. We hope that she will share her secret recipe this [...]

Summer Time is BBQ Time

Grilling Jeff - BBQ At the Park

Nothing brings a summer day better to a close than a BBQ with family and friends. Some meat on the grill, a salad, potatoes, a cool drink and you’re having a perfect summer night. We all have our favorites for the grill but when was the last time you tried a new recipe? My wife [...]

BBQ Brian Teaches the Mexicans American BBQ

memphis masks

The story is unique.  It is easy to argue that BBQ, especially competition BBQ, is really ‘American’ centric and many well beyond the borders of USA have the same cravings.  BBQ Brian and the gang at House of Q have been for 12 plus years mastering the highly competitive sport and at the same time, [...]


Effective the spring of 2017, House of Q Foods is pleased to add to our distribution partners the Victoria, BC based Canadian Artisan Foods company. Canadian Artisan Foods is a rapidly growing distributor that has an impressive roster of BC and regional products ranging from beverages, snack foods to sauces and condiments. Canadian Artisan Foods [...]

Grilling Vegetables – Avoiding Common Mistakes

Grilled Asperagus

Grilling Jeff, February 21, 2017 My Vegetarian Mother-in-Law Last year, my mother-in-law Marilyn was visiting us in our new Fraser Valley home. She lives in Ontario and was flying across the country to visit us and the grandkids.  All the years we’ve been married, she has minced no words telling everyone that her daughter could [...]

Eight Grilling Tips-BC’s Best Tenderloin Beef Kabobs

Beef Kabobs

Grilling Jeff, January 13, 2017 Years ago, when Wendy and I started to invite company over for barbecues, the first couple to come to our backyard were Wendy’s brother Rick and his wife Adrienne. My kabobs were an instant hit.  My in-laws loved these gorgeous, juicy, melt-in-your mouth kabob appetizers. Ever since, all visiting family [...]

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